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Jeff Jones sculptor

About Me

My goal in all of my work is to produce a piece of art that tells a story and invites the casual viewer to stop and engage. I invite anyone who shares my interests or is inspired by my art to join me in my journey.

The Full Story

I have spent much of my adult life working as an Aerospace Engineer. As that career sunsets, I am happily surrendering to my creative impulse to express myself through figurative realistic sculpture in both bronze and ceramic.


I am ‘self-teaching’, meaning that my journey as a sculptor is a continual process of growth. My objective is to continually strive to make each piece more meaningful and emotive than the last.


I started my sculpting career by focusing on Western Art. However, I quickly discovered that I did not want to limit my creative impulses to a single genre. So, I reexamined who I am and what I wanted to say through my art. Archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology… basically the sciences that describe human development and what makes us who we are, fascinate me. I enjoy capturing the spirit and strength of native people throughout history, especially women. The more I learn about ancient civilizations, the more I believe that people have not changed as much as we think, despite our technological advances. We still pursue happiness, security and fulfillment above all.


I love wildlife, especially dangerous animals, because it reminds me of the vastness and awesome power of the natural world. We often think we have harnessed and tamed our environment through technology and knowledge, but one need only venture a short distance to encounter wilderness. I feel a strong sense of obligation to honor and protect the diminishing wild places around us.


My artistic process springs from my often overpowering desire to research and learn. A story of an ancient civilization’s customs, a story of a powerful woman impacting her community, a compelling photograph of an endangered animal that needs our protection… inspirations for artworks are abundant. I suppose I do have an activist streak!

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I would love to talk with you about my work and any commissions you have in mind.

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