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I have spent much of my adult life working as an Aerospace Engineer. As that career sunsets, I am happily surrendering to my creative impulse to express myself through figurative sculpture.


I am self-taught, striving to learn and grow my skills every day. My philosophy is that each and every piece must be special and must have a unique personality. I strive to combine my technical background which demands accuracy and detail, with my artistic goal of generating an emotional response. The process of translating an image in my mind into the mechanical weight bearing structure and armature, and then transforming that harsh structure through the subtle curves and textures of molded clay and, finally, the patinas and shadows of a finished bronze provides immense fulfillment for me.


History and the wonders of the natural world captivate me. My figurative works reflect this fascination.


I enjoy both classical and contemporary interpretations of western themes. I seek to represent early pioneers and Native Americans in thought provoking poses and activities which highlight their unique environments and cultures.


Depictions of women in various historical settings appear throughout my portfolio. I strive to tell emotive stories of feminine strength, sadness, jubilation and resolve in historical settings. One of my goals is to ensure an accurate portrayal of period clothing, which adds to the ambiance of each piece.


My wildlife works emphasize action and power. I seek to remind myself and my audience that our natural world is magnificent, dangerous and fragile. I feel a strong sense of obligation to honor and protect the vanishing wildness around us.